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One of the utterly astonishing things about the internet is/are the number of exceedingly talented people who develop code and give it away. Blogger and YACCS both come to mind.
The reason I bring this up is that I’m using Blogger (albeit the “Pro”, which isn’t free), and YACCS for comments. So, now anyone (valued readers? Anyone out there?) can tell me what you / they think.

Especial mention to the first commenter on my site.

FBI and Political Correctness

this from The Spectator

…On 1 August, James Woods, the motion-picture actor, was flying from Boston to Los Angeles. With him in the first-class cabin were half-a-dozen guys, four of whom were young Middle Eastern men. Woods, like all really good actors, is a keen observer of people, and what he observed as they flew west persuaded him that they were hijackers. The FBI has asked him not to reveal all the details, but he says he asked the flight attendant if he could speak to the pilot. After landing at LAX, the crew reported Woods’s observations to the Federal Aviation Administration. The FAA did …nothing. Two of the four were on board the 11 September planes. There are conflicting rumours about the other two. Woods turned out to be sitting in on a rehearsal for the big day.

This surprised me, as I paid fairly close attention and hadn’t heard anything about this. It makes for good reading, all the moreso because it’s a British take on the US.

via VodkaPundit

Our World at Night

turn on your lights

I have forgotten where I originally got this, if you know let me know and they’ll get full credit.

Between Monday and Wednesday (Tuesday)

OK, it’s been a couple of days since I’ve added, so here’s what’s up: We went to Fort Worth on Monday afternoon so that I could be at the new job for orientation on Tuesday. Fortunately orientation took only about 3 hours, so it was a pleasant experience. I feel like the best way to learn a job is to just get in there and do it (with support, so drowning isn’t an option), and I get to do that on Saturday.
My move is overly complicated by the fact that we haven’t yet sold our house, and so we’re ‘camping out’ at a relatives’ until we sell. Therefore, we’re not moving all our things, just those things we think are essential; time will tell how we did.

So, if the posts are infrequent, forgive me, as the times, they are a-changin’.

Impotence and Pharmaceutical Companies

I heard on one of my educational tapes the other day that there are currently eight impotence drugs in the product pipeline, and today I read about one, already being touted as giving erections lasting up to 36 hours. This isn’t what the world needs; it may be what Lilly needs to make another gazillion dollars, but it isn’t what the world needs.
Please don’t get me wrong, I’m all for free markets and free trade, etc. I’m not for capping profits or for socializing industry. What I am in favor of is having useful medications to treat my Emergency Department patients with, such as injectable compazine, injectable phenobarbital, tetanus immunizations, methohexital, etc, which are reportedly no longer being made. I’m told these shortages or outright unavailabilities are due to market forces, i.e., when something is so cheap profit cannot be made, nobody will make it. I don’t necessarily buy that but have no evidence to refute it either.
Therefore, I have resolved to harangue every single pharmaceutical rep who wants me to prescribe $250 of their latest greatest otitis media antibiotic, or their “me too” flouroquinolone, that these aren’t the drugs my patients need. I need meds to make them stop vomiting, stop seizing, prevent tetanus, etc.

Maybe these guys have it right, but by not speaking to reps they limit their advocacy (not that it’ll help, but it will make me feel better). And hopefully only my arguments will be impotent.

The CDC’s page on current drug shortages.


have the Spinach salad
Went to dinner tonight at one the best restaurants in Odessa, Zucchi’s.

And a good time was had by all. Look it up if ever in West Texas.

Waterballoons in Space

No, not a Mel Brooks idea, a NASA one. Very neat video clips of waterballoons during parabolic, zero-G flight.

via Random Jottings.

Neato. Via Illuminated Donkey

VW Road Trip

Today, accompanied by my dad, I went back to Lubbock to have the passenger side window regulator replaced. Regular readers will recall, irregular readers may catch up. The trip up was pleasant, and it was nice to spend some time with my dad.
After explaining the problem to the service writer, the car was off for repairs, and both (also, the hood wouldn’t open without excessive force) squawks were dealt with. We had a nice lunch and started back. On the way out of town I noticed that the outside mirrors wouldn’t adjust, so back to the service department. Another hour later, and the unplugged connector in the driver’s door was found and repaired. So, all’s well that ends well.
On the way home we took “the scenic route” thanks to a rare navigational error on my part. Oh, well, now I know what even more of West Texas looks like.

I’ve had this car for 13 months and this was its fourth trip to the dealer for warranty work. The extended warranty is starting to look better all the time.

Macaroni mixup

Tonight at dinner we had macaroni. Not just any macaroni, but Kraft Monster’s Inc. macaroni. Turns out this was being saved as a potential ‘collectible’ and its preparation for actual dining was a mistake.
I thought all this was kind of silly, so here’s Ebay’s take: $4.44 for it! (According to my personal shopper, a box of non-collectible macaroni should run about 44 cents.)

Monster macaroni

Archives The archives work, and

The archives work, and the template now looks like it should, thanks once again to Rick (da man, da Bom, etc).

I owe you a beer, Rick. Or two.

Fix one problem, create another…

OK, the archives now work, thanks entirely to the BlogSpot archives, and now I have archives displayed on my main page above their intended caption. I’m sure this will be funny someday, but right now all it means to me is that I get to learn about tables.


Archive / permalink apologies OK,

OK, the archives aren’t working yet. It’s job # 124 after I get out of bed later today.

End of an Era (well, ten months)

I have completed the last of my shifts at the ED, which will now be referred to as “the old job”. I liked the people, staff and patients alike, but was unable to come to terms with the staffing. If you just have to know the details, write me and we’ll talk.

As is usual, the nurses were much more liberal with their feelings than the docs. And their feelings are reciprocated: I’ll miss you all.

T minus 3:10

it’s my last night at this ED, and it’s water torture night (a slow, steady trickle of patients). It’s a sad night for me: I wanted to work in the ED so long it drove me through a lot of schools, and once I got the job it isn’t what I need/want. Let’s hope the next one is more what I need.