Archives for May 4, 2002


I’m at work, for the last hour. About 20 down; we’re not caught up, but all the rooms are full, and there’s only so much you can do.


My friend Rick is a computer genius (he’d be dismissive, but secretly agree). He has helped me get more interested in computers, and we have training and employment in common. He’s involved in a big coding project (his to reveal), using a language called “php”, which seems to be HTML for people who don’t think HTML is complicated enough.

A good person with unique thoughts; I wish he’d blog more often.


I am about to start my 4th 12 hour shift. I work either days or nights, in an Emergency Department, and I am tired. Interestingly, it’s a wierd mental fatigue, in that I still feel very mentally sharp (I can make decisions well, quickly and easily), but at the same time I’m just mentally tired.

Adding to the fatigue is the knowledge that I’m moving in about 3 weeks, have yet to sell this house or get a house on the other end of the trip.

Other than that, everything’s fine.