Archives for May 8, 2002

My window to the world

Today, on the way home, the window to my car fell into the door. Clunk. Permanently open window, until I get it fixed (maybe tomorrow). It’s complicated only by the mild problem that I live 2&#189 HOURS’ drive from a dealer.

It’s not like I own an exotic, it’s just a Volkswagen.


What, you ask, did I do with my Monday? I slept until about 12:30; got the house ready to show (again), and then had dinner at Red Lobster. Fried fish is about what I can tolerate, much to the chagrin of my coronaries.


I changed the background color; I like this one better (a little lighter, but on the right track).

Selling a House

We’re selling our house (slowly), and it’s painful. If you’ve been there, you know, and if you haven’t,

never purchase real estate.