Archives for May 10, 2002

Window II

This morning, my dad (retired A&P mechanic, genius) and I looked at the downloaded drawings and removed the VW door panel. It’s quite a nice mechanism, but one of the plastic “feet” that raises the window is broken and doesn’t look like a user-replaceable item. So, the window is taped shut, in the up position, and we’ve got a Monday appointment with the other VW service center (who were much nicer: faith restored).

And this project’s new tool? a Torx bit from Craftsman.


No, the window didn’t get fixed today. The VW service center along my route said they “couldn’t possibly” get time to fix my car until, maybe, Tuesday. So, I have downloaded diagrams of the relevant procedures from Alldata .

And I’d like to thank VW service in Abilene for helping me decide which brand to avoid in the future.

First (of Many) Road Trip(s)

Just back from 660 miles on the US Interstate highway system. Why? We did the walkthrough for my mother-in-law’s new house, which closes tomorrow, but she had to stay out of state for some reason (?wanted?). Anyway, the house looks fine, and it seems quite a large house for one retired schoolmarm.

Did I mention she’s moving to the same city we’re relocating to?

A 4 br / 2.5 ba/ 3 garage for a widowed retiree? I think she’s anticipating my not doing well in the next job!