Archives for May 15, 2002


Well, I have taken the plunge, and have registered, and signed up for internet service through In the next few days I’ll be migrating my blog from here to there, so if you lose me, e-mail me.

No Room at the Inn/Hospital

Tonight when I got there @ 1900, we were holding 9 admitted patients in the ED; as we have only 18 beds, you can see the problem. Two left AMA after several hours, and the house supervisor worked some miracle and got everybody out within 3 hours. However, by then the damage was done, and we ran until about 0400 to catch up.

I only have 3 more shifts to go at this location, then I move to a new place. I’m already starting to wonder if I’m doing the right thing in changing jobs. (I truly believe the answer is yes, but it’s still hard).