Archives for May 23, 2002

Macaroni mixup

Tonight at dinner we had macaroni. Not just any macaroni, but Kraft Monster’s Inc. macaroni. Turns out this was being saved as a potential ‘collectible’ and its preparation for actual dining was a mistake.
I thought all this was kind of silly, so here’s Ebay’s take: $4.44 for it! (According to my personal shopper, a box of non-collectible macaroni should run about 44 cents.)

Monster macaroni

Archives The archives work, and

The archives work, and the template now looks like it should, thanks once again to Rick (da man, da Bom, etc).

I owe you a beer, Rick. Or two.

Fix one problem, create another…

OK, the archives now work, thanks entirely to the BlogSpot archives, and now I have archives displayed on my main page above their intended caption. I’m sure this will be funny someday, but right now all it means to me is that I get to learn about tables.


Archive / permalink apologies OK,

OK, the archives aren’t working yet. It’s job # 124 after I get out of bed later today.

End of an Era (well, ten months)

I have completed the last of my shifts at the ED, which will now be referred to as “the old job”. I liked the people, staff and patients alike, but was unable to come to terms with the staffing. If you just have to know the details, write me and we’ll talk.

As is usual, the nurses were much more liberal with their feelings than the docs. And their feelings are reciprocated: I’ll miss you all.

T minus 3:10

it’s my last night at this ED, and it’s water torture night (a slow, steady trickle of patients). It’s a sad night for me: I wanted to work in the ED so long it drove me through a lot of schools, and once I got the job it isn’t what I need/want. Let’s hope the next one is more what I need.