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Why “GruntDoc”? Well, why not?

yours truly after an endurance course on Okinawa

Well, why not?


Well, now. After 3 days of smacking my head into the monitor and learning computers the old fashioned way (?why did it do that?), I’m now up on, posting via Blogger.

And many thanks to Rick for helping me get my own site.

Huzzah! I’m up!

I’m up! As soon as I figure out how to ftp into my server, I’ll have the archives saved as well.

VW window II

I have written before on my VW driver’s side window ‘taking the plunge’, so to speak, and the subsequent repair. Well, today, the passenger side window, clearly annoyed that the driver’s window was getting all the attention, did the same thing. It was sticking out, just enough to grab so I could tape it shut for the 2 hour drive to Lubbock; was, that is, until she who shall remain nameless decided to help, lifting it up just enough to clear its stop, then said window fell the rest of the way in.

When I spoke to the service rep the first time, he said that window lifts on VW’s were a known problem and were being repaired under warranty even after the pathetically brief 2 year VW warranty period expired. Now I wonder if maybe there shouldn’t be a recall of these parts (they would have both been replaced on one trip instead of two trips).


OK, so now I have a website, but haven’t yet figured out how to publish to it with Blogger. I am sure it can be done, but I probably need to contract with a 13 year old to get it done right. I have tried several tweaks of the settings without demonstrable success, but I’m still working on it. Slowly.


I have signed up for my own website, but it’s not ready yet. However, I’m impatient for it to get ready and started. Those who know me will be astonished that I’m impatient.


Well, I have taken the plunge, and have registered, and signed up for internet service through In the next few days I’ll be migrating my blog from here to there, so if you lose me, e-mail me.

No Room at the Inn/Hospital

Tonight when I got there @ 1900, we were holding 9 admitted patients in the ED; as we have only 18 beds, you can see the problem. Two left AMA after several hours, and the house supervisor worked some miracle and got everybody out within 3 hours. However, by then the damage was done, and we ran until about 0400 to catch up.

I only have 3 more shifts to go at this location, then I move to a new place. I’m already starting to wonder if I’m doing the right thing in changing jobs. (I truly believe the answer is yes, but it’s still hard).

Birthday Boy

Another birthday for me. I turn the big 39 today, and actuarially I’m less than halfway done. According to LongtoLive I should die on Tuesday November 26, 2052 at 1:36:21 AM.

I wonder who’ll take that bet?

Carter’s Cuba, or vice versa

Carter, America’s most-ex of presidents (thanks, PJ O’Rourke), is visiting Cuba, and Castro. Although most free people, and probably most of Castro’s subjugated subjects, desired a frank denunciation of Communism per Castro, nobody has gotten it. What we have gotten is the patented Carter naivety.
This was seen coming by Jay Nordlinger, in an excellent NRO article. Via PejmanPundit.

The Death of Bloggers

I have 3 links to the left, one a friend and two are bloggers whom I have spent many an hour reading and enjoying. Unfortunately, as I linked to them: Rick hasn’t posted since, VodkaPundit has had a family emergency and is on hiatus, and Sergeant Stryker has killed off his military blog. I fear that linking to the White House would bring on anarchy or that a DOD link would lead to the utter defeat of our military.

Perhaps a link to al Queada or the like?

I may be the anti-blog.

Das Window

&#09I went on the Pilgrimage to Lubbock today, to see the wizard about repairing the driver’s window of my VW. I had called ahead, and as usual they didn’t know me from Adam or that I was coming. I explained the problem to the nice tech writer, and he made notes. I then prepared to wait the requisite several hours to be told ‘we don’t have the part’, or a similar revelation, indicating I had wasted a 2 hour drive.
&#09An hour later, the window is fixed! Eureka! And they were able to fix a silly plastic part at the same time (not the primary problem, and I told the service writer I would be fine if they couldn’t fix it). It was excellent service. As an interesting aside, I think this car’s computer is pretty smart: I tried out my newly-fixed window, and the first two times I tried it the window would close, but the ‘express close’ feature (the same as express down, but in reverse) didn’t work. Then, following two round trips of the window, it worked! I have decided it needed to ‘learn’ the travel / force / something of the window closing before it was willing to do the express feature. Neat.
So, time well spent, and I was back home for lunch. Thank you, Gene Messer Volkswagen, for good service.

While there a nice elderly couple had brought in their Mitsubishi Montero with the complaint that the passenger windows wouldn’t go up with their door switches, only at the drivers’ door. The service tech came in once to confirm the complaint, then, as politely as is humanly possible, explained the Window Lock button, a safety feature located on the driver’s door to keep junior from rolling down the window and doing a header onto the Interstate. They were appropriately embarrassed, and were glad there wasn’t anything wrong with their truck. The tech writer deserves some kudos for how he handled that.

My only gripe is that their waiting room reading material was: a telephone book, VW brochures, a year old Texas Tech leaflet, and a Woman’s Day and Bazaar magazine. As I am not a rain man the phone book was of little interest; the brochures were interesting but had odd phraseology, obviously not written for Americans; Woman’s Day was OK, and the article about trimming trees to make a fence was enlightening. Bazaar is the most pretentious and dull magazine I have ever spent time with; it would have been cast aside except for that awful ‘how can they top that’ feeing while turning the pages. The article about how the beauty editor flew to Britain to have a new cosmetic injection procedure (insert unlimited name-dropping about the doc and his clients), “…which cost only $2000 and can last up to nine months” sealed my opinion. If you have Bazaar in your house you lose points. Big time.

Mother’s Day

We had my folks over this evening for a nice, low key mother’s day dinner. We like the idea that as a family there is a special day to recognize the moms in the family, but I have some reservations. I am all for moms, as we all should be, but the Hallmark&reg quality of the holiday rubs me the wrong way. I make a concerted effort not to take this out on the moms, but it isn’t a day I look forward to with glee.

Mine wife is like-minded, as long as there is an actually sentimental attempt to thank her for being a good mom, which I always do.


It’s 0420, and the ED is empty. Dead. Friday night, and it’s just the hired help here. This is one of those times I wonder what is going on in the rest of the world.

And why it can’t be like this more often.

And it stayed very quiet the rest of the night. As a group we’re a suspicious lot, and the last 30 minutes of our shift were spent anticipating a horrible night tomorrow (tonight for the night shift).

Window II

This morning, my dad (retired A&P mechanic, genius) and I looked at the downloaded drawings and removed the VW door panel. It’s quite a nice mechanism, but one of the plastic “feet” that raises the window is broken and doesn’t look like a user-replaceable item. So, the window is taped shut, in the up position, and we’ve got a Monday appointment with the other VW service center (who were much nicer: faith restored).

And this project’s new tool? a Torx bit from Craftsman.