VW Road Trip

Today, accompanied by my dad, I went back to Lubbock to have the passenger side window regulator replaced. Regular readers will recall, irregular readers may catch up. The trip up was pleasant, and it was nice to spend some time with my dad.
After explaining the problem to the service writer, the car was off for repairs, and both (also, the hood wouldn’t open without excessive force) squawks were dealt with. We had a nice lunch and started back. On the way out of town I noticed that the outside mirrors wouldn’t adjust, so back to the service department. Another hour later, and the unplugged connector in the driver’s door was found and repaired. So, all’s well that ends well.
On the way home we took “the scenic route” thanks to a rare navigational error on my part. Oh, well, now I know what even more of West Texas looks like.

I’ve had this car for 13 months and this was its fourth trip to the dealer for warranty work. The extended warranty is starting to look better all the time.