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Diplomate, American Board of Emergency Medicine

Diplomate, American Board of Emergency Medicine
I have passed both the oral and written examinations for Board Certification in Emergency Medicine! This is the end of a long road: Med school, residency and then the written and oral examinations. I still will need to recertify (there’s some cockamamie scheme for ‘continuous recertification’ on the horizon), but now I can say my formal training is finally done!
And, ultimately, I couldn’t have gotten here without a lot of support. I owe my family, and especially my wife, a tremendous debt of gratitude. Also, to all those instructors who felt their instruction was the educational equivalent of watering a rock, Thank You. I’d name you all but fear the slander suit that would follow, so just sleep well that at least some of what you taught me sank in.

Yee Hah! GruntDoc, FACEP

Update: NOT FACEP: from the American College of Emergency Physicians’ site, Requirements for Fellowship:

At least three years of active involvement in emergency medicine as the physician’s chief professional activity, exclusive of training, and;
Satisfaction of at least three of the following individual criteria during their professional career:
active involvement, beyond holding membership, in voluntary health organizations, organized medical societies, or voluntary community health planning activities or service as an elected or appointed public official;
active involvement in hospital affairs, such as medical staff committees, as attested by the emergency department director or chief of staff;
active involvement in the formal teaching of emergency medicine to physicians, nurses, medical students, prehospital care personnel, or the public;
active involvement in emergency medicine administration or departmental affairs;
active involvement in an emergency medical services system;
research in emergency medicine;
active involvement in ACEP chapter activities as attested by the chapter president or chapter executive director;
member of a national ACEP committee, the ACEP Council, or national Board of Directors;
examiner for, director of, or involvement in test development and/or administration for the American Board of Emergency Medicine;
reviewer for or editor or listed author of a published scientific article or reference material in the field of emergency medicine in a recognized journal or book.

So, in three years I can be a fellow, but I’m still Board Certified.

Microsoft upgrade troubles (again)

Today, I upgraded the laptop to Windows XP Pro (why the pro version, you ask? Because it was going on over Windows 2000 Pro, an it was the only choice). The installation went fairly well, although it didn’t recognize the synaptics touchpad on the laptop here; the big problem is that it didn’t keep my profile, but instead sent all my data into hiding.
Now, I’m not one for tech support; I figure if I got into trouble I can get out myself, but I had just spent $200 on this at CompUSA, so I called tech support. The fellows at Microsoft (Ford and Bruce) were knowledgeable and helpful, and I have recovered my Outlook info, which really was all I was worried about. Losing my preferences isn’t any big deal, and my last IE favorites backup (about 1 month old) was found and imported. So, no cookies (no big deal), but I’ve lost my wife’s e-mail address book, which I cannot recover until I get back home.

The touchpad is fixed and working fine, thanks.