Archives for June 2002

The new blogger

The ‘new’ blogger is out, and it doesn’t post to my “outside” ISP as regularly as the old one. I’m sure it’s better, but how I have no idea.

First day on a new job

The move to Fort Worth was so I could start my new ER job. My first day was a “slow” day by their new standards; I enjoyed the day, and am looking forward tomorrow. It seems to be the kind of ED I want to work in (busy and organized).

How Jedi Are You?

:: how jedi are you? ::

First Day in Fort Worth

We’ve moved survival gear into our temporary abode in FW, and we’re looking forward to our first night here. Had a very nice reunion with family in Dallas (pics when they’re forwarded to me).

Wish us all luck…

First commenter

As promised, the first commenter is hereby mentioned, non other than Richard Winters, whose neato project I have seen snippets of, and which should roll out any time now.
Anyway, Thanks again, Rick.