Archives for July 12, 2002

Blogger Crap

I just spent 45 minutes on brilliance, and Blogger ate it.
A pox on blogger. At least for today.

Vacation Day One, Later

So, we’re still looking for the relatives, and we decided to go see the Animal Kingdom, which features a neat ride on a truck, recreating a safari Elephant&nbsp an alligatorDone with Disney flair, it’s terrific, and quite enjoyable.
Then, after a really neat parade, back to the hotel. During the parade, the cast members in it made a point of acknowledging Roo, the child who was entranced by the whole thing. She loved it, and we had more fun watching our daughter watch the parade than the parade itself.
Got back to the hotel, and found a message from the inlaws; went, met, and spent a terrific evening by the pool with them, the kids wearing themselves out in the pool and wholly enjoying themselves.