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MK return

So, off to the magic kingdom (again). It has occurred to me that I may have the days stirred up, and in the wrong order; if so, I apologize, but it doesn’t change the substance of the enjoyment or the trip.
&nbsp Goofy and goofier &nbsp Rain. Daily.
So, we rode the Runaway Mine Train (which made one of us cry, but I’m too scared or too much of a man to tell who). (It’ wasn’t me, though). And we had fun, the kids had a fabulous time, and that was what it’s all about, right?
This is where I point out that building a major amusement park / attraction in the middle of a swamp makes me go “huh”? I mean, I’m sure the land was cheap and Walt saved a bundle, but Geez, it’s hot when the Northern Hemisphere takes vacations, and, well, it’s in a swamp. They’ve done the typical Disney wonders witht the place, but it’s still hot and in a swamp. What was Walt thinking?


EPCOT (experimental prototype community of tomorrow) or, as the “cast members” say, every paycheck comes on Thursday.
Jed mimics Mickey It was where we started on day 2 of the vacation, and my considered advice is to Just Say No to Epcot (no longer capitalized by Disney). There is one OK ride there (the Test Track, sponsored by GM): it’s pretty good, but after that just go somewhere else. We ignored this advice and killed several hours there, and nearly lost the kids. It’s hot in Florida in July (duh), and when it’s still it might as well be equatorial.
Speed secret: at the Test Track they have ‘individual rider’ passes that move you past the line; they also guarantee you won’t be riding with your friends, and they make a point of splitting groups. happy kids and a Big Shiny Ball However, it’s OK unless you’re with a very small child (then just stand inline), and you get to the ride quickly. in Disney's China And, the best news, as you’re rounding out 2 rows of 3 riders, you’re going to sit on the outside, every time (never failed as we watched), and then you’re riding. Also, for many of the big rides Disney has the FastPass, which allows you to ‘reserve’ a pass to the head of the line during a particular time interval, and it’s excellent. Our entire group used these several times during the trip and didn’t waste our vacation standing in line.
After a few hours the kids were wilting, it was hot, and we bailed, returning to the Magic Kingdom.
Stay tuned: good pictures of wet vacationers ahead.