MK return

So, off to the magic kingdom (again). It has occurred to me that I may have the days stirred up, and in the wrong order; if so, I apologize, but it doesn’t change the substance of the enjoyment or the trip.
&nbsp Goofy and goofier &nbsp Rain. Daily.
So, we rode the Runaway Mine Train (which made one of us cry, but I’m too scared or too much of a man to tell who). (It’ wasn’t me, though). And we had fun, the kids had a fabulous time, and that was what it’s all about, right?
This is where I point out that building a major amusement park / attraction in the middle of a swamp makes me go “huh”? I mean, I’m sure the land was cheap and Walt saved a bundle, but Geez, it’s hot when the Northern Hemisphere takes vacations, and, well, it’s in a swamp. They’ve done the typical Disney wonders witht the place, but it’s still hot and in a swamp. What was Walt thinking?