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Another addition to the recommended list: MedPundit, ‘comments on medical news by a practicing physician’. Although I comment, it isn’t slanted toward medical news, and her commentary is as good as any. And, as MedPundit has now linked to me twice, I’m doubly famous.

Suspect in Custody in Arabia = nothing

The FBI put out an alert, as they want to have a talk with Mr. A.S. Al-Rasheed. They want to know why his passport photo showed up on a disk with a lot of the 9/11 hijackers. He left Egypt for Arabia, and gave himself up to authorities there.
I take absolutely no comfort in the idea that he’s in Saudi custody: the House of Saud has not been an ally in the war on terrorism, and they haven’t been, possibly ever. They refused to cooperate with the FBI in the Khobar Towers bombing (19 US servicemen dead), they have funded al Quaeda for years, told us we cannot use their bases for use against Iraq (short memories), and now ‘hold’ a Saudi citizen saught for questioning by the US, who spent time in Afghanistan “…to distribute relief to Afghan refugees”. Now they’ve pulled between $100 and $200 Billion out of the US, and we still act like, or at least publicly state, they’re our ally, despite plenty of evidence to the contrary.
A.S al-Rasheed is now safe in his mothers’ arms, and if the FBI does get to ask him questions I’ll be shocked. The only behavior worse than that of yet another mid-East dictatorship is that of the US, continuing to have anything to do with the House of Saud.

This will be a farce.