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Fresno food poisoning

Fresno had an outbreak of food poisoning in 1999, and it wasn’t accidental. Seems labor and management had a falling out, and about 100 Fresnans got an unexpected dose of “…methomyl, a highly toxic agricultural pesticide that can be handled and bought only with a permit”, per the CNN report.
Your humble correspondent lived in Fresno then, and I have a vague remembrance of the establishment being closed down, but at the time the rumor was of a more natural food poisoning, not chemical warfare on patrons. Had I been working in an ED on that end of town I would probably remember it more vividly.
So, look for happy employees in the kitchen, too.

My first posted delusion?

The Ukrainian airshow crash which took 85+ lives was terrible, and spurred a lot of hysterical ‘should we ban airshows’ chatter, without considering that US airshows operate under more strict rules (spurred by the 1988 crash in Germany).
This photo has been published, and although it may well prove to be authentic I have my doubts (see my comments below the photo).
What do you think?

Update: note my waffling.