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Accesible in China!

Here’s some good news; although CNN is banned from internet access in China, is still available. I must find a way to use this newfound power to promote democracy to these hard working, industrious persons.

Starting testing…
Stage one testing complete.
Stage two testing complete.

Testing complete for Result:
Reported as accessible in China

From the Berkman Center for Internet & Society, Harvard Law School

my DSL Horror Story

Dr A L Roberts: have I told you about my DSL horror story?
Dr R Winters: nope
Dr A L Roberts: How there was DSL installed here, in this home, before I bought it, and we filled out the forms for me to “assume” the service
Dr R Winters: right
Dr R Winters: they wouldnt allow it
Dr A L Roberts: but we both screwed up and I didn’t “assume” the phone number
Dr A L Roberts: so the DSL got stopped.
Dr R Winters: damn
Dr R Winters: why can’t you get dsl now?
Dr A L Roberts: Then, suddenly, I live too far from the CO, and cannot get a new account, and the Phone Company (pc) won’t let me have the old number for at least 60 days
Dr R Winters: are you still going to try to get it
Dr A L Roberts: because the number is for a person, not a house, even though the prior owner, a really nice guy,
Dr A L Roberts: was telling them to give it to me and he didn’t want it back
Dr A L Roberts: , etc.
Dr A L Roberts: No. I have a chick with the pc (business accounts) trying to get me DSL, but, as I live 22K feet from the CO (cutoff=14Kft)
Dr A L Roberts: nobody really wants to talk to me.
Dr A L Roberts: Despite the fact that DSL was HERE, AND WORKED.
Dr A L Roberts: Pisses me off.
Dr R Winters: >:o
Dr A L Roberts: Me too.

Back Online

Well, another sign of move-in progress is that I’m now back online, although in a new and unusual way. I’m forced to use a DirecWay satellite based system. It works, but so far the speeds are bad. Tech support tells me there are tweaks that can be done, but not for the first 48 hours, as in that time the satellite and my ground (well, pole) mounted transceiver get to know each other (my wife says they need to ‘bond’).
So, I’m back, so write and tell me you missed me. And thanks for being patient.

Move in Progress

I’m typing this on a borrowed connection, although I should have my own “real” connection this coming Monday. We’re going to be connected to the innernut by satellite, of all things, so no more internet gaming, but at least it’ll be decent, if not great, speed. Stand by for a significant rant about no DSL in my new house (hint:the previous owner had it but I cannot).
The move is going pretty well, now we just have to find the zillion and one things to make this house our home. My sister-in-law has been remarkably helpful, and it’s always nice to have another set of hands when moving in.