Archives for November 5, 2002

BloggerPro problems

I use a tool called BloggerPro to publish this weblog. I use it because it was cheap, and easy to use, and promised a lot for not much.

In the last few days (when I could communicate with it), it has been acting up badly, failing to publish data, several times wiping out the entire blog. It’s enought to make me want to migrate the whole thing over to MS FrontPage. At least then errors are mine. Or MicroSofts’.

Smores and Voting

I just had a “smore”, which is chocolate and marshmallow melted together between graham crackers (write me for the recipe). It is instant hyperactivity on crackers, and I’m having trouble concentrating to type.

Tarrant County, where I reside and vote, went to a pseudo-computerized voting system (cards completed with a magic marker and counted electronically). I thought the ballot was very easily understood, and the scoring was done on the spot, by feeding the ballot into the counter as I turned it in, which then stored it in a locked box. Pretty slick, and should make ballot counting painless. Unless it doesn’t work, which happened. Now, according to local TV news, there was a glitch in the computer program that totaled the votes, so they’re awaiting the arrival of all the paper ballots, and then they’re going to count the 225,000+ ballots again, on a ‘special’ machine, there at the county courthouse. So, no election results until tomorrow from Ft. Worth.

An interesting article on why paper ballots (like we have here, being recounted) are the way to go. via InstaPundit.