Concert Review

Well, ok, not really a review. My last concert attendance was in 1983 (Hall & Oates), so I’m not qualified to give a full-on, blow by blow accounting of tonight’s entertainment, picked by the wife. We’ve been married nearly 13 years, and she’s told me she really wanted 2 things in all that time; a new pickup last year (which she picked out and got), and to see Cher in concert. So, we went.

Cindi Lauper was the opener, and she can still sing quite well, and performed a nice mix of old favorites and new tunes. She spoke for several minutes, but her accent, voice pitch, and our nosebleed seats made it nearly impossible to understand her. Nobody near me understood her, either. I hope she wasn’t giving winning lottery numbers. Nosebleed seats, indeed; there were rows above ours, but sherpas would carry your drinks and popcorn for you, so we were glad ours were as low as they were.

Cher was terrific, with a great entrance and some really unusual costuming; not the sort of thing you see except on stage, or in music videos (by Cher). And she still sings so well without putting a lot of effort into it, I wonder what she’d do if she really thought about it. Or she just really makes it look and sound easy. By contrast, Cher’s speech was very easily understandable, and everything she said was heard; her (irony-laced) statement that she was “…every gay mans’ best friend…” was truly enjoyed by a significant percentage of the crowd (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

MapQuest gets a C- by the way; their directions had us drive right past 3 exits to the place in order to go literally 150 feet on a tollway, just to double back to where we were. Next time we’ll know better.

A good time was had by all. Another 19 years, another concert review. Promise.