Archives for December 2, 2002

KC135 Fuselage Pressure Test Explosion

What happens when a fuselage reaches its pressure limit? I know you’re unable to sleep without the answer, so here it is.

via Sgt. Stryker

Another Concert Review

My daughter had her 6th grade musical production tonight: “The X-mas Files”, complete with an x-files script and some enjoyable holiday songs. I’ve certainly attended worse, and the vast majority of the kids performing were good sports about the whole thing, and about 15% really seemed to be enjoying themselves. Two things were obvious from watching them, however: one is that the teen ‘I’m so bored by everything’ attitude is coming, and that one kid there obviously saw this as punishment for something he didn’t deserve. It was worth the price of admission to see an adolescent boy doing his best to look bored and put-upon while in the front row, center stage, of a musical chorus. Wearing a brightly colored shirt. It was so amusing that the three adults in our car all mentioned watching the same kid. Funny how we were all drawn to observe the one who wasn’t having a good time, while surrounded by a stage full of kids who were.

And if you get a chance to see “The X-mas Files by a bunch of 6th graders, it’s a terrific 25 minutes.

Flashing Lights

For the last few days we’ve been having some flickering lights; always the same ones, but at differing times of the day. This morning, half the house was electrically dead. Checked all the circuit breakers (and cycled quite a few on the affected circuits) without relief. While doing this, the fuse box made an amusing noise (sort of a crackle) and the lights in the garage (where I and the fuse box were) went out, as well.

Called the home warranty people, and after 5 minutes of giving info to a home-warranty computer (which has very accurate voice recognition, I must say), I held for 10 minutes to repeat virtually all the same info to a person, who was efficient. Electrician called within 2 hours, and we discussed possible etiologies, but no diagnosis was obvious to him except that ‘something’s loose’ . Apparently, I could be an electrician, as I knew that, too. He’s coming tomorrow.

The lights went out again about 30 minutes ago, and in a fit of brilliance I ‘adjusted’ the cover of the fuse box with my fist (dad’s a mechanic, says he spent his life whapping things; I’m a chip off the old whapping block) and the lights came right on, and haven’t flickered since. So, now I know where the problem lies, but I’m too chicken to take the cover off the fuse box and tighten things myself.

Update: lights are out, again. Hmmm. Computer working on an extension cord.