CNN: “Study: Texas Leads in Executions”. Now, I read CNN’s news page (no popups, no scrolling text, the ads are generally tasteful, etc), and I have for years. They are often first with a story, and while they don’t do very well with in-depth coverage, they’re good for knowing what’s going on. But, you have to wonder how a) this is news to anyone who is conscious, and that b) somebody released this information as a ‘study’.

Leaving aside whether or not you agree with the death penalty, it’s been common knowledge that every year since the death penalty was reinstituted in the US, Texas has executed far more of its death row inmates. (Making a death row meaningful). Usually, this information is thrown in near the bottom of every execution, pending execution, etc. Therefore, their study really didn’t take all that much time to put together and come to a conclusion.

I propose other studies: Oxygen can be breathed. Water will both freeze and boil, yet can be consumed. Every human will die sometime after being born.

My fervent hope is that none of my tax dollars went into this ‘study’.