Anti-Idiotarian Manifesto

Those who don’t read a lot of blogs probably haven’t seen the above phrase before, but it’s very descriptive of the ‘thought’ being out forward by the Blame America First crowd.

The Introduction:

WHEREAS, the year since the terrible events of 9/11 has exposed the vacuity and moral confusion of all too many of the thinkers, politicians, and activists operating within conventional political categories;

WHEREAS, the Left has failed us by succumbing to reflexive anti-Americanism; by apologizing for terrorist acts; by propounding squalid theories of moral equivalence; and by blaming the victims of evil for the act of evil;

WHEREAS, the Right has failed us by pushing `anti-terrorist’ measures which bid fair to be both ineffective and prejudicial to the central liberties of a free society; and in some cases by rhetorically descending to almost the same level of religious jihad as our enemies;

WHEREAS, even many of the Libertarians from whom we expected more intelligence have retreated into a petulant isolationism, refusing to recognize that, at this time, using the state to carry the war to the enemy is our only practical instrument of self-defense;

Enjoyable reading.

from Armed and Dangerous via InstaPundit

LCPL Anthony Sledd, USMC

Lance Corporal Tony Sledd (ap)Lance Corporal (LCPL) Anthony J. Sledd, 20, of Hillsborough, FL was killed in the service of his country in Kuwait. He was one of a company (about 130) of Marines and Sailors training in urban warfare, the correct technical term for which is MOUT (Marine Operations in Urban Terrain). Although LCPL Sledd had a weapon, he did not have live ammunition. His murderers were killed by MP’s, who do have live ammunition. No doubt much will be made of the ‘no live ammo’ issue, but it is correct for those inside, training. I leave it to your imagination what casualties this sort of training could produce were anyone to accidentally load live rounds when blanks are the order of the day. Good security on the edges of the training is a different matter, and usually US units have an agreement that the ‘host’ country will provide adequate security. The host country, Kuwait, has much to answer for.

LCPL Sledd was murdered and LCPL George R. Simpson, 21, of Dayton, OH, was wounded training for a job nobody wants to do, building to building warfare in a part of the world no American wants to live in. They did it because it was the job and it was important. I have never met LCPLs Sledd or Simpson, but it was my privilege to be a doc for many Marines just like them a few years ago, and if their peers are any indication I can tell you that these two Marines were hard working, dedicated young men with a bright future. They gave up a”regular” life for the Corps, asking only to be counted a Marine in return. I do not idealize them, but thank them and their families for their sacrifices to my country. I really do sleep better knowing they’re out there.

The End of Comments

I have had comments enabled on my blog for several months, and it hasn’t worked out like I envisioned. I do not have the kind of blog which invites comment, really it’s just vanity writ on the internet. I thank those who commented, but frankly the comments engine loads slowly and isn’t necessary.

Your input is indeed welcome, and I’ll answer any I get (within reason); just e-mail me by clicking the ‘write me’ button in the header. And thanks for reading.

The Rash

Tonight, I had a patient with The Rash. At least, that was my first impression, then it took me a bit to recover. I was face to pustular face with a young man, and all the training pictures I’ve had screamed “Smallpox!” at me. After a thorough physical exam and history, I decided this wasn’t the case, that he probably just has the absolutely worst viral exanthem I’ve ever seen, but for a brief period of time I was really concerned. (For the reading docs: on steroids for “strep throat” along with cephalexin; rash started 5 days before, hands first then centripetal spread, has had chicken pox, has had the college immunizations, no mucosal or conjunctival lesions, lesions not painful, fever but no vomiting or diarrhea; reticular infiltrate on cxr, more on one side than another; admitted to ID in isolation).
As an Emergency Physician, we’re constantly being told that we’re the first ones who will see a Biologic(al) Warfare attack (and then only half-jokingly told that Infectious Disease will figure it out three days later). This has brought up to me my personal shortcomings in this area, most notably in the ‘who are my immediate diagnostic resources’ and ‘who ‘ya gonna call’. I now have the 24 hour pager number for Public Health for my county, and am working on the other.
Smallpox was an ages-old, horrendous infection, eradicated by man through far-sighted public health, and is now considered to be a major BW potential agent, as we’re now all non-immune (the smallpox immunization you got a long time ago was a weak antibody, and probably only lasted about 5 years). There is serious and significant debate about vaccinating US citizens against the virus, which I have been following, wondering if I wanted the immunization; tonight I made up my mind: I’m getting the immunizations, potential side effects and all. When they’re offered; you see, we have the vaccine but cannot decide who gets it, so for now nobody gets it.

Update: The Washington Post reports a change of heart in the administration; I may get immunized, if I can wait 2 years.

Laws and Elections

I haven’t really been too interested in the recent Torricelli withdrawal from the Senate race, as it seemed a loser who wanted to avoid getting creamed bowing out as gracefully as possible.
Now comes the NJ Supreme Court, which seems math impaired at best. They have ruled that the NJ Statutory time limits (51 days) are, well, meaningless, and, as long as the Democrats are willing to pony up the $800,000+ bucks to reprint the ballots everything is just fine.
To which I say, BS. I’m trying to teach my daughter that rules are there for a reason, that the rule of law (at least US law, don’t get me started on the ‘International (Conservative) Criminal Court’) must be followed or there is no guarantee of freedom and equality in the US, and this happens.
Here’s hoping the US Supreme Court overturns this (my legally uneducated prediction is that they will overturn, but there was no predicting this, either). And I don’t care about Frank Lautenburg, either, except to say that if your candidate cannot count perhaps he’s not a good choice, either.

Accesible in China!

Here’s some good news; although CNN is banned from internet access in China, is still available. I must find a way to use this newfound power to promote democracy to these hard working, industrious persons.

Starting testing…
Stage one testing complete.
Stage two testing complete.

Testing complete for Result:
Reported as accessible in China

From the Berkman Center for Internet & Society, Harvard Law School

my DSL Horror Story

Dr A L Roberts: have I told you about my DSL horror story?
Dr R Winters: nope
Dr A L Roberts: How there was DSL installed here, in this home, before I bought it, and we filled out the forms for me to “assume” the service
Dr R Winters: right
Dr R Winters: they wouldnt allow it
Dr A L Roberts: but we both screwed up and I didn’t “assume” the phone number
Dr A L Roberts: so the DSL got stopped.
Dr R Winters: damn
Dr R Winters: why can’t you get dsl now?
Dr A L Roberts: Then, suddenly, I live too far from the CO, and cannot get a new account, and the Phone Company (pc) won’t let me have the old number for at least 60 days
Dr R Winters: are you still going to try to get it
Dr A L Roberts: because the number is for a person, not a house, even though the prior owner, a really nice guy,
Dr A L Roberts: was telling them to give it to me and he didn’t want it back
Dr A L Roberts: , etc.
Dr A L Roberts: No. I have a chick with the pc (business accounts) trying to get me DSL, but, as I live 22K feet from the CO (cutoff=14Kft)
Dr A L Roberts: nobody really wants to talk to me.
Dr A L Roberts: Despite the fact that DSL was HERE, AND WORKED.
Dr A L Roberts: Pisses me off.
Dr R Winters: >:o
Dr A L Roberts: Me too.

Back Online

Well, another sign of move-in progress is that I’m now back online, although in a new and unusual way. I’m forced to use a DirecWay satellite based system. It works, but so far the speeds are bad. Tech support tells me there are tweaks that can be done, but not for the first 48 hours, as in that time the satellite and my ground (well, pole) mounted transceiver get to know each other (my wife says they need to ‘bond’).
So, I’m back, so write and tell me you missed me. And thanks for being patient.

Move in Progress

I’m typing this on a borrowed connection, although I should have my own “real” connection this coming Monday. We’re going to be connected to the innernut by satellite, of all things, so no more internet gaming, but at least it’ll be decent, if not great, speed. Stand by for a significant rant about no DSL in my new house (hint:the previous owner had it but I cannot).
The move is going pretty well, now we just have to find the zillion and one things to make this house our home. My sister-in-law has been remarkably helpful, and it’s always nice to have another set of hands when moving in.

Moving Day

IT has arrived: the day we shift back from apartment dwelling to home ownership. We tried to get the DSL to stay in the house, but that didn’t work, so we’ll be incommunicado for a while.

Wish us luck.


Yes, we closed on our new home today, and we move in at the end of the week (regional variation in how closing and possession occur). It’s going to be a great place for us, and we’re fortunate to have this opportunity.
The flip side is that we’ve been displaced for about 3 months, and the summer has gone by oddly, without a real routine. This was the second summer move in a row, and we’re all tired of it. Now to get in and settled.

Dennis Miller Cancelled?

Say it ain’t so. I finally get HBO (for Band of Brothers) and TV guide reports now Dennis Miller Live is to be cancelled? No word on the HBO site, either way.
This is terrible; what will happen when my rants are no longer “Milleresque” and are then ‘weird old guy blatherings’? I hope this is just all a huge misunderstanding, like Madden on Monday Night Football. Dennis is why I keep HBO.


Another addition to the recommended list: MedPundit, ‘comments on medical news by a practicing physician’. Although I comment, it isn’t slanted toward medical news, and her commentary is as good as any. And, as MedPundit has now linked to me twice, I’m doubly famous.

Suspect in Custody in Arabia = nothing

The FBI put out an alert, as they want to have a talk with Mr. A.S. Al-Rasheed. They want to know why his passport photo showed up on a disk with a lot of the 9/11 hijackers. He left Egypt for Arabia, and gave himself up to authorities there.
I take absolutely no comfort in the idea that he’s in Saudi custody: the House of Saud has not been an ally in the war on terrorism, and they haven’t been, possibly ever. They refused to cooperate with the FBI in the Khobar Towers bombing (19 US servicemen dead), they have funded al Quaeda for years, told us we cannot use their bases for use against Iraq (short memories), and now ‘hold’ a Saudi citizen saught for questioning by the US, who spent time in Afghanistan “…to distribute relief to Afghan refugees”. Now they’ve pulled between $100 and $200 Billion out of the US, and we still act like, or at least publicly state, they’re our ally, despite plenty of evidence to the contrary.
A.S al-Rasheed is now safe in his mothers’ arms, and if the FBI does get to ask him questions I’ll be shocked. The only behavior worse than that of yet another mid-East dictatorship is that of the US, continuing to have anything to do with the House of Saud.

This will be a farce.

New Addition to the Recommended List

At the bottom of my recommended list is CounterRevolutionary. I was pointed his direction recently by another blog, and I am enjoying his prose. Although describing himself as a liberal, his definition of liberal is more conservative than some (more conservatively liberal?), and his writing is personal and pointed without being pedantic or dismissive.
And his pointed refutation of multiculturalism is as good as I’ve seen. Maybe better.

If only his title wasn’t 20 letters long!