Junkyard Wars Screws Up

I love Junkyard Wars; I’m watching an episode on TiVo right now, as I blog (I’m that kind of guy). I wanted to enter a team in the next season, with my Dad (30+ years as an A&P mechanic, who recently completed his own motorhome, one of about 20 big projects he’s completed), my brother the Aerospace Engineer (who was the lead engineer in designing the Toyota Atlantic cars), and me, who can apply a band-aid with the best of them. Dad and I recently built a new service pit, showing that I’m a snappy dresser and that Dad is a fantastic designer and practical builder.

We were notified that applications are now open for next season, but now they’re only taking individuals, not teams. Crummy decision, and one that will make Junkyard Wars more painful to watch. I suspect their producers believe there will be better TV, watching team buliding while constructing, but I think they’re going to wind up with an unwatchable mess (unless you want to see strife, which it should have a surfeit of).

Phooey. Didn’t want to be on their silly old show anyway.

Apparently, Junkyard Wars is oblivious to the entire DirecTV DSL Karma effect.