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My First TiVO Hack

Reading today, I found a way to get ReplayTV’s most controversial feature added to my TiVO unit. ReplayTV is in a war of words with TV advertisers over a dedicated button that, when depressed, skips forward exactly 30 seconds, allowing commercials to literally fly by with the press of a button.

Turns out that TiVO has the same functionality, and using a prescribed set of keystrokes can awaken it, assigning the 30 second skip to a button seldom used by most people. I’ll try it and let you know.

Oh, and the disclaimer at the bottom of the hack page goes for me, too.

via Gizmodo

Update: works on my TiVO unit.
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Banished Words

Rick put me onto a website that’s , well, a must-see. It’s from Lake Superior State University, and I agree that these are words and phrases that need a rest.

Bansihed Words


Yesterday was the Thirteenth Anniversary of my marriage to a woman who no-doubt deserves better. One of my stock jokes goes “…married 11 happy years, and out of 13, that’s not too bad’.

Tonight we added it up and we’ve also lived in 13 different homes/apartments in that time. Lotsa moves; no wonder our kids have declared themselves stateless persons.

Here’s hoping 2003 yields stability and happiness for all of us, my house and yours.