Science Fair

Last night was viewing night for my daughter’s 6th Grade Science Fair, and it was neat. The daughter got an honorable mention for her project:Which paper towel is the strongest? (Answer: Bounty Shop Towels! They’ll hold 3 lbs of washers soaking wet).

It was eye opening to see what the other students did. Many were quite good, and showed a lot of thought went into the poster, if not into the project. Our favorite, though, was clearly done under protest. The project was ‘Which Apple has more seeds, Green or Red?’ (Red). “What Resources Did You Use” was answered as ‘None, as I had no access to books’, and “What Uses Does Your Project Have” was ‘My project has no usefulness’.

And, for other parents: nobody believes your 6th grader came up with the hypothesis that they won’t have enough data to be statistically significant. Stop doing their projects for them.


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