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per CNN:

In Texas, Merrie Hipp, 43, and Bradley Justin Gaudet, 23, were each charged with one count of theft of government property for allegedly stealing pieces of the shuttle. Hipp was accused of taking a circuit board, and Bradley a piece of inner fabric that acted as a thermal barrier, said U.S. Attorney Mike Shelby of Houston.

Listen up, people. If your first response to a tragedy is, “…how can I profit from this disaster…” you need to GET A SOUL.

I predicted this, but thought it would take a couple of weeks to happen.

I hope they didn’t get the idea from me. (Unlikely given my traffic).

Update: looters

Physicians Slow Down; Patients Don’t Notice

Although more than 1,300 New Jersey physicians staged a work slowdown Monday to protest the high cost of malpractice insurance, patients reported no difference in service.

“Sure, I sat there naked under that flimsy gown for several hours, but what’s new?”

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