Celebrity Idiocy Takedown II

This could be a regular feature, but that’d be too easy.

From The New York Observer:

“I’m being treated like a child,” she complained, adding, “Now that I’m sober I watch a lot of news.”

Tragic? You bet. Especially since Ms. Garafolo knows for an absolute fact that Saddam Hussein isn’t hiding any weapons of mass destruction.

But then, poor Janeane isn’t the only one suffering from these slings and arrows of public derision:

Sean Penn has been called a dupe for his fact-finding mission to Iraq.

Ben Affleck has been mocked for Congressional aspirations, based on the trivial fact he hasn’t voted since 1992.

Sheryl Crow has been soundly derided for her finely nuanced assertion that the best way for America to avoid war is “to not have any enemies.”

Good news: they have a solution to the problem!

Read the whole thing. Well worth your time.

via Jessica’s Well