Archives for March 8, 2003

Adding Scrappleface

I’ve been holding out on you. I’ve been reading a site that has the best daily, topical humor anywhere, and I’ve not linked to it myself (now that I have, I’m sure their traffic wil soar, adding my 3 readers to his totals).

Scrappleface is the funniest thing on the web, but you need to have been paying attention to current events to really get it. Dry, sardonic humor is my favorite, and here it is.

I’m going to update my links list to include it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do; if not, keep it to yourself.

Interesting Nights

Working nights is different, and nobody can tell me otherwise. The patients are different, the complaints are more interesting, and I get to see multiple applications of alcohol and or drugs.

Last night I had 2 different patients, from 2 different MVA’s, and they both had surprises for me. The first had minimal complaints, said he’d been being treated for bronchitis but didn’t feel better, and his oxygen sats were a little low. Chest xray showed bilateral infiltrates, and he got admitted for pneumonia (for those keeping score at home, came in because of an MVA, admitted for pneumonia).

Patient 2 was a nice young lady in an MVA who hurt everywhere, and was tachycardic. Big workup = hyperthyroidism! (Score: 2 MVA’s that had worse medical problems than their traumatic injuries).

Interesting night.
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