Archives for March 12, 2003

Upgrade of MT

This evening, I have upgraded the software that powers I really hope it worked out well, but as it involved ftp’ing 194 files into about 15 different directories on the server, it’s possible I missed one, or just blew it.

So, if you find something that doesn’t work, please let me know so I can do something about it. My email is to the side, or just leave a comment below.

I really like Movable Type, but think that the upgrade needs to be smoothed a bit. I am not a computer rocket scientist, but I am willing to tinker where I shouldn’t, and not everyone will be interested in this upgrade technique.

Internet Tests

I generally like the internet tests, like the one I’ll link to below. I tend to score on the conservative end of the spectrum, usually, but it depends on who writes them; I once scored only 27% conservative and was labelled a (gasp) moderate.

This one is more to form for me. Imagine my surprise that I scored:

ReaganRepublican – You believe that the free market will take care of most things, but that the government should be there with moderate taxation to provide for national defense and enforcing morality. Your historical role model is Ronald Reagan.

Which political sterotype are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Several of the questions struck me as oddly phrased, but these are for entertainment. And, I’m not for moderate taxation, I’m for the least functional taxation possible that leave 14 carrier battle groups and a functioning Bush Doctrine. Take the test, and feel free to tell me how you did.

via MeanMr.Mustard