Cool Toys

Mail Call on the History Channel is an enjoyable look at the military arts, and it’s more entertaining as the host is (Honorary) Gunnery Sergeant R. Lee Ermey, USMC (Ret.) I have enjoyed his movies, first recalling him in a modestly forgettable film, ‘Purple Hearts’.

He has a doll, er, action figure, and it speaks! But, beware:

ATTENTION: Due to the sharp points and small pieces this toy contains as well as the blunt honesty (motivational but ROUGH language) of the sound chip, this toy is recommended for those 12 and older.

Strangely enough, neither the Yahoo or Rotten Tomatoes filmographies mention Purple Hearts, but the Purple Hearts site does. Odd.

via R[Winters]MD

Update: added the ‘Honorary’, as he was a SSGT when he left the UMC after 10 years’ service due to wounds sustained in Vietnam. His bio on his website has more information. He DOES sound like a Gunny.