Smallpox and Heart Attacks: Don’t be Stupid

I caught, on CNN, that a “Third heart attack death after smallpox shot reported”. This strikes me as a ridiculous connection to make without formal study.

Then I read the details, and this is bizarre beyond reason.

The CDC issued its warning after a Maryland nurse died of heart attack Sunday and a Florida health worker died of a heart attack later in the week. More minor cardiac problems were seen in 15 others who had been inoculated, including 10 people in the military and seven civilians.

According to the CDC:
(out of the 25,645 vaccinees) The seven cases prompting today’s precautionary action include three cases of myocardial infarction (heart attack), one of which resulted in death; two cases of angina (chest pain); and two cases of myopericarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle or sac surrounding the heart). In each case the individual’s medical history, including risk factors for heart disease, is being studied.
Cases of heart inflammation following smallpox vaccination were reported in the 1960s and 1970s. However, the information from these reports does not provide any information about the types of people who may be at higher risk for heart-related problems following smallpox vaccination.

I suspect the smallpox immunization also causes people to bounce checks, fail to floss and wear mismatched socks. Just so you know all the potential risks.


  1. YGBSM bro, way to hit em where it hurts, I often find some of the news and comments generally accepted as truth Hillarious(did i spell that right) I like your style and humor, plus the info you put out with your permission and help i will put a link to you on my sites, If you want a particular button send it to me and if you want a particular page to be linked please send that to, John

  2. Link away! And, if you’d like, tell me where you linked me.

  3. I am so glad I found your blog and read that. I was thinking the same thing after reading the article in the paper. It’s as ridiculous as saying I drank orange juice this morning and this afternoon I fell and sprained my ankle – cause and effect? I don’t think so.

    I would like to link to your blog also.

  4. gruntdoc says:

    Link away! And, thanks for the comment.

  5. gruntdoc says:

    Link away! And, thanks for the comment.