Archives for April 30, 2003

Satellite IS better

I have been critical of my satellite connection. It wasn’t as good as my DSL, and that irritated me, so I didn’t think much of it.

That was, until, dialup.

Thanks to my profesional college (ACEP), we stayed in a hotel without broadband (the horror). So, since I need the internet, I signed up for the MSN, which comes bundled on the computer (hello? Justice Dept?). And I was educated in the ways of broadband, and how good the satellite is.

Just don’t tell DirecWay, they’ll figure out another way to give substandard service.

ACEP Wednesday

Started early. Sorry, but day 5 of early mornings have made me a tad cranky. I’ve never been a ‘morning person’, and this is pushing my good nature.

I went to a conference at 8AM. I wish I could tell you what it was about, but right now I don’t remember. No direspect to the lecturer; it wasn’t bad, just not memorable. Then, a goood lecture on EMTALA (the road to hell, pavement, etc), then an interesting Tox lecture. Fun photos of snakebitten people (also Gila-monster bitten). Then I had to catch a plane, and I’m home.

A good time was had by me, and I got a good deal out of it.