That’s New Orleans, Louisiana.

The conference is pretty good so far; no super-usable facts for my practice, but a fair number of ‘style’ things and food for thought about the physician patient interaction.

Afterward, we went to have dinner in the French Quarter, tonite at the Acme Oyster Bar. Rick was touritsy and had crawfish, which you might starve trying to live eating; it’s a lotta work for not much food. I didn’t have oysters or crawfish, thanks.

We went and had more beignets at Cafe du Monde (Cafe of the World), and they are still good. I think we’ll check daily, and report, as a public service to my readers.


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    The soft shell crab po boy is great at Acme>
    Beignet is french for “how did my ass get so big?”


  1. ACEP Meeting

    Allen is blogging the ACEP meeting this week. I wonder if Dave is interested in having discussions of medical weblogs at bloggercon in the fall. Interesting that he’s got LawBlogs in his blogroll, but no medlogs.