Cities to Avoid

China plans broad SARS quarantine

WHO: Travelers should avoid Beijing, Toronto

Yeah, like we need the WHO to tell us that. Oooh, SARS. OK, for that too.

But, this means that eventually the WHO will say it’s OK to travel there? Hmmm.

OK, but really, I think this highlights why the Smallpox vaccination is a good idea. Once the health authorities decided to quarantine one of the ‘source’ housing complexes (which would be much easier to quarantine than a regular city block), and, guess what? They had scattered to the four corners, and the quarantine didn’t work. Now, make that an incredible contagious disease with a 30% death rate, and the idea that ‘containment’ would work is nutty.

We’ve been lucky SARS hasn’t hit the US like Asia, and let’s hope that lasts.

And stay out of Beijing and Toronto.