Joe Gallardo, USN HM

Watching MSNBC, still following the Iraqi developments, I was enjoying a report about the USMC finding a orphahnge, staffed by nuns, intact and doing their job well in a difficult situation. The embedded reporter then spoke about the Marines bringing in their corpsmen, there was a blast from my past:

Petty Officer Joe Gallardo!

Gallardo was a corpsman in my BAS way back when, and he was a motivated and dedicated sailor. He spoke on camera, sounding the same as I recall, and made the Devil Docs look good. He held a child, and the reporter stated they did brief medical checks on the kids.

He’s the first person I’ve see that I knew, and it was great to see him. I’m glad for him he stayed in, and I’m glad for my country guys like Joe Gallardo are there.