Letter 2 From the Front

GruntDocs heard from again! For his prior missive, follow the link.

Things are going well here. We don’t know when we will be coming home yet as things start to wind down. Even though we got word directly form the CO’s mouth yesterday the possibilities range from not having a mission here within 2 weeks to staying here for at least 3 more months as the last medical asset in the area while all of the other assets egress. Who knows?
I will wait until someone tells me to start packing my bags.Motivated Blue DevilDoc(Friend) has been busy with lots of work. The orthopedists (writer not an orthopod – ed.) have been working the hardest. We are hoping for the Humanitarian Organizations to set up shop in country because that will lighten our load significantly. Right now, we have nowhere to send Iraqis that will need long term re-hab etc.Fleet Hospital OROtherwise, camp life is good. Mail sucks but thank God we have the internet to communicate with. The STPs, Surgical Companies and the FRSSs don’t have any way of communicating except for the broken mail system. The medical system is completely different now. There are no casualty clearing companies. Everything is based on these shock trauma platoons and forward resuscitative surgical suites which are staffed with ER Docs and surgeons that are located right near the front lines.

That is about all for now.

And the wind is for real.