Ok, first, Friday night. We went to the French Quarter, which is very rundown in a quaint, tourist-trap way, and which smells vaguely of vomit (go figure). We had a nice dinner, went for another walking tour, and got a tad lost on the way back to the Hotel, but no problem, home safe.

Today we went to the first of 2 days of ED Ultrasound training, which for both of us is more refresher than training, as we got this in our residencies, but are a little out of practice.

The machines for ultrasound (US) are terrific, and the Philips is a clear winner for usability and image clarity. It costs about what a Cadillac Escalade does. New. Without a rebate.

The course is good, and we’re adding incrementally to our knowledge. And I’m starting to fume again about how every specialty on earth thinks they get to set standards for ED practices, when they’re not EP’s and they don’t practice emergency medicine professionally. Full scale rant on this someday.

Tonight we had very average (but pricey) steaks for dinner, and watched the Hornets win a playoff game (on TNT).

More later.