Set Your Clocks Forward

(Public Service Announcement)

Yes, tonight you either a) lose one hours’ sleep, or, b) get to church in time to shake hands as everyone else leaves. (Sorry if that leaves your religon out, but the joke works better that way).

There is a much more interesting history to this than I had thought, and in a rare event, I must admit I was wrong! In a recent conversation with my son he was right and I was not, the idea was originally Ben Franklins’!

For an interesting and comprehensive look at Daylight Saving Time, go here.

via DavidMSC


  1. Interesting link about the change. I don’t really care too much one way or the other, but it really is a pain. It will be nice when all of the standard clocks are networked (perferably wirelessly) and use NPT, either using GPS stalaties or the naval nuke clock.