‘Suicide’ vests found in Schools

Recently, the USMC found suicide (homicide) bomber vests in an Iraqi school. The article makes it clear that those vests were put there by “fedayeen” (imported murders), and that made me wonder: Who makes these vests?

I read about the vests, and learned that they’re leather, made to look like a ‘regular’ vest (never trust anybody wearing a vest in Mid East heat), with composition C4 plastic explosive and ball bearings, the better to spread the misery. Although the MSNBC link to the story doesn’t show it, they were on hangers, and individually wrapped in plastic, just like commercial clothing.

Now, just what kind of opportunistic piece of crap decided to go into the commercial manufacture of clothing designed to kill innocents? Googling yielded no results, nobody claims to manufacture these. I want the tag on the back, what does it say? Product of what country? How do you wash them? (Dry clean only – absolutely no heat, do not apply 18 volts across the wires in the left pocket)? I’ve seen news coverage of the Stupidfata, and it sickened me, but I never even guessed that there were ‘standard suicide vests’ for these mudrerous stooges to wear. Someday, I hope the opportunistic piece of filth who made these dies of his own handiwork, and those who commision instruments to murder others are beneath contempt; hell awaits them.

May you manufacturers of the death of civilians rot in hell, castigated by those who wore your garments of hate.

I wanted to close this with a clever little thing to make readers laugh. I failed.


  1. I caught a FNC (or CNN?) piece about a “cache” of same that they found in Baghdad…it was pretty much set up like a cookie-cutter factory, with one part of the “production line” for the explosives, another part for the vest, another part for the fabric & plastic that holds the whole thing together…sickening.