US Casualties being Evac’d out of Theater

I have noticed that many of the US casualties (all that I have heard reported) have ben evacuated to permanent US medical facilities, either in Germany or the US. This is probably a good idea, but it makes me wonder what the medical facilities in-country are doing?

I know we have at least one Navy Fleet Hospital deployed there (and probably a lot more), and just one is a lot of capability. It’s entirely possible that this is reporting selection bias, that the ones I’ve heard of who have been evacuated out of theater are the only ones the reporters know about, so that’s what they report. I have no idea what criteria are used to evac casulaties out of theater, and I’m sure those evacuated go through medical stabilization in one of thoes in-country facility before flying away. Perhaps these are casualties who will not be able to be returned to the fight, perhaps they have specialty treatment issues driving their evacuation.

What I do know is that from my worm’s eye view I’d like to see some better coverage of the in-theater treatment, and I’m glad they’re there.


  1. Ann Stewart says:

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