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Tarantula Glasses

Tonight, at dinner, we began discussing tarantulas. My older daughter had one try to walk into her house through the front door a few days ago.

That’s when it happened: my 6th grade daughter lets fly with this interesting factiod:

“If you touch a tarantula and then rub your eyes, you will have to wear glasses”.

Although my drink didn’t come out my nose, I did make an appropriate choking sound. She tells me she heard it on TV.

TV. Aaah.

Federal agents trained to spot SARS

Really, I’d rather they worried about terrorism, and finding terrorists (and this says really bad things about mission creep).

So, let’s recap the symptoms of SARS from the CDC:

Clinical Criteria
Asymptomatic or mild respiratory illness
Moderate respiratory illness
Temperature of >100.4? F (>38? C), and
One or more clinical findings of respiratory illness (e.g., cough, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, or hypoxia).
Epidemiologic Criteria
Travel (including transit in an airport) within 10 days of onset of symptoms to an area with current or recently documented or suspected community transmission of SARS?, or
Close contacts within 10 days of onset of symptoms with a person known or suspected to have SARS infection.

So, if you have a cold, be prepared to be stopped and held, involuntarily, until a Public Health officer interviews you. It doesn’t say in the article if you could just elect not to travel and leave, and thereby avoid the public health evaluation certain to follow.

Another reason to drive, not fly.

The Lemon

The Lemon is the Onion’s younger, less sophisticated cousin. And it’s pretty funny.

Added to the blogroll. As is The Onion.