Archives for May 13, 2003

Close the Oklahoma Border

The Texas Legislature is in session, and nobody is safe. Even Oklahomans.

Seems the Democrats in the Texas House are going to lose seven seats in the latest round of redistricting. They wish to avoid this outcome, so…THEY LEFT THE STATE, 53 OF THEM! Leaving the legislature lacking a 2/3 majority, and unable to take the vote.

This is good for Texas. We get 90 days every two years for the Legislature to screw us over represent our interests, and this is how they spend their time?

The missing are allegedly in Ardmore, OK, which no doubt deserves better. Amusingly, on a vote of the Republicans in the House, now the Texas DPS (Highway Patrol, for those in other states) is empowered to return the legislators to the State Capitol.

The best times are watching the Texas Lege.

From CNN