Archives for May 16, 2003

Killer D’s Return. Goody.

OK, so the Killer D’s are coming home, to do more of the business of Texas. I have some random thoughts:

1. So, if my kids decide thay don’t want to take a test, and they just skip school that day, that test didn’t happen? Yes the test happened, and they failed. Just like these Dems. You fail, and failing is bad; failing as a leader is worse.

2. I’m guessing that these are now the 51 easiest-to-beat incumbents in Texas. It’ll be hard to defend running away to Texans. This is the state of the Alamo. Running away isn’t Texas Macho.

3. Burning bridges with the one Democrat group that was going to be big winners (African Americans would have had their first-ever majority congressional district) wasn’t smart. In any way. Stupid, in fact.

4. I absolutely guarantee some of these idiots are going to present their Oklahoma travel expenses as State buisness for reimbursement. They deserve the ridicule they get.

5. Why Oklahoma? Shreveport, LA at least has gambling. They can’t even plan a getaway spot well. And don’t tell me this was spur-of-the-moment; what group of highly driven egomaniacs all pick the same Holiday Inn in Ardmore?

6. And, given that it had to be coordinated: Texas Dems have good internal security. Had word of their impending departure leaked to the Republicans the pre-run press heat would have cause at least some to fold, and would have made it a bigger scandal (yes, a scandal).

I’m glad none are my personal representatives. It’s keeping me from getting an ulcer.