Archives for May 24, 2003

Land Rover Detailing

We bought a new-used Land Rover Freelander from the local dealer. We were told it was a ‘service loaner’, and we bought it because it had 9K miles on the clock and a great big discount off the list.

When we were picking it up from the dealer, my brother said, ‘You might want to wash the mud out of the bottom of the radiator”, and, sure enough, there was a little mud in the very bottom of the rad. No biggie.

Two days ago I decided to wash it out, and the water running out of the engine lower cover wouldn’t come clean, so I put my hand in and started pulling out chunks of grass-reinforced mud, and washing out those chunks I couldn’t grab/pull.

Land Rover Detailing45 minutes of that later, I decided I should have a better look, and up on the ramps it went. What you see in the pic is after the car went up on ramps; this was dug out of the lower suspension mounts, out of the transmission webs, and the lower plastic covers.

Funny thing is, we aren’t upset about it, it’s nearly a feature! This is undeniable proof that this Land Rover can and will off-road.