Beercan Chicken

sounds like a redneck delicacy, but really it’s a unique way to cook a tasty whole chicken. I got a cook book for my birthday (thanks, Mom!), and this is the headliner act.

Makes a nice, moist, tasty chicken on the grill. Nobody who knows me would think my cooking would progress past ‘how brown is perfect for poptarts’, and neither did I. Neither did I think I’d be forty, but that happened, too.

Life’s a mystery.


  1. Sounds good! I have heard of this preparation but never tried it – I thought it was one of those “sounds too weird to work” things, I guess. But if you found it workable I will give it a try sometime.

    One question: How do you extract the red-hot beer can from the chicken’s orifice?

  2. GruntDoc says:

    while I lifted the chicken (using the insulated rubber gloves the book recommends), my wife pushed the can down (through the neck) from the top with the handle of a spatula.
    None of us, incidentally, could detect a beer taste imparted to the chicken, no doubt caused by using a light beer. We’ll have to try with a real beer, next time.