Home Improvement

In the last week, the yard sprinkler system quit working and the airconditioner went out.  No big deal, except, of course, I was out of town.

Sprinkler repair consisted of replacing the innards of all the front yard valves, and now they work normally (problem turned out to be several valves that wouldn’t close, so there was never enough pressure to activate any one zone, basically they were all on).

The AC has proven to be a bigger problem.  The first repairman to come out said the coil needed to be removed and ‘vatted’, as the reason it didn’t work was it was too dirty to pass air.

This isn’t covered by the home warranty, as it’s "cleaning, which is routine home mainenance".  If you’ve ever had your AC coils vatted as part of your routine maintenance, please drop me a comment.  Battle with home warranty to follow.

The second repairman agreed with the first, but of course he says there’s no guarantee this will actually fix the problem, just plunge about $300 into an 18 y/o system and hope for the best.

Hmmmm.  It’s hot in here.  We’re vatting on Monday.


  1. Advice here: sounds like grit got ito the irrigation system. If you have a screen on the line that feeds the system, and you clean the screen once a year, the annoying problem won’t recur.