Archives for June 24, 2003

Opera7 and Synaptics Scrolling

This applies to people who run the Opera web browser (7.11 currently) and use a Synaptics Touchpad (on your laptop). If you don’t have both, skip this.

I love the scrolling function of the Synaptics Touchpad, and I like the Opera web browser (I’ve said so before). However, they don’t natively get along, without a fix.

The fix is the addition of four lines of code to the synaptics .ini file:

How to get Scrolling working with Synaptics TouchPads
Open the SynTPEnh.ini file and add this:
WT = “*Opera*”
SF = 0x10000000
SF |= 0x00004000
above the section that says:
[Opera Browser]
WT = “*Opera 5*”
SF = 0x10000000
SF |= 0x00000002
SF |= 0x00000004
SF |= 0x00000008
SF |= 0x00000400
SF |= 0x00000120
SF |= 0x00001000
Save the changes and reboot. Or else simply end the process SynTPEnh.exe and run it again.

I must now add the disclaimer: this is just unsupported code (though it works for me): if your toaster barks or your screen looks like the Matrix and won’t stop, don’t call me. This is for information only.