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“…all right?”

hehe. I started a comment, and finished a rant.

And, thanks for the opportunity, Dr. Hassel!

Update: it’s Mr. Hassel, and Doc Shazam. My Apologies to both.

Resurrection! Also, Packing and Stuffing

Halleuljah! Dr. Bradley lives. He’s to be moved back to the living in the sidebar.

In the post, Dr. Bradley referres to a patient who was “Stuffing”, as opposed to a patient who was “Packing”. There is a difference.

Stuffing is when a ‘suspect’ eats all the drug evidence quickly, thinking this might ameliorate their plight. It won’t, as Dr. Bradley vividly describes. Stuffing is quite dangerous, but not generally lethal. The effect of the ingested drugs is usually minimal; they’re usually street-level drugs, their potency has already been cut, and they aren’t designed to be effective when swallowed. (There are exceptions, surprise).

Packing is when a person very deliberately swallows condoms filled with ultrapure drugs. These people (generally) live or die, and there isn’t a lot of in-between. If the condom ruptures in the gut, pure stimulant drug pours into the intestines, resulting in (I’m told) a very impressive overdose. Surgically removing these is described, as a potentially lifesaving procedure.

So, a blog-life saved and a medically-related post. And, an intro to the drug culture. Wow!

Words of Wisdom from Red Forman, #1 of a series

“Taken separately, Women and Alcohol can be a lot of fun. But if you combine them, they can make you a dumbass.”

via Red Forman, my new hero/alter ego.