Dems Depart, Vol II – Texas Democrats flee state — again – Jul. 28, 2003
Funny thing, last time it was the House Dems who fled the Great State of Texas, and now the Democrat Senate has fled the State to avoid an ignominious defeat.

Amusingly, this isn’t news. MSNBC has no mention of it (as of
midnight) and this cannot bode well for their cause.

At the very least, they were smart enough to flee to Albuquerque, NM, instead of Oklahoma. Frontier and Delta both fly there from Austin. Generally, New Mexico is considered to be ‘cooler’ than Oklahoma, so they get style points.

I may all come to naught, with the Lt. Governor presiding over the remainder declaring he’ll go for a simple majority, forcing their return (to vote no).

In case you were wondering, I don’t think much of this tactic from our elected representatives (I wouldn’t call them Leaders).