Proposition 12

I encourage all Texas registered voters to vote FOR Proposition 12 this coming September 13th.

This is a proposed Constitutional amendment to the Texas Constitution, designed to deflate the expected logjam of appeals of Malpractice cases to the Texas Court of Appeals. Malpractice attorneys realize that tort reform for doctors is popular in Texas, so they’re running their counter/smear campaign against Insurance Companies.

I have not read every word of the proposed amendment, and I don’t need to. On things like this, I see who lines up for and against, and choose which side has the people I identify with. Doctors and my malpractice carrier are for it, and Trial Lawyers are against it. That’s all I need to know.

I’m going to leave the comments open, with this warning. warning via FFM


  1. Looks like a good start on a bill. California passed a cap, known as MICRA, which didn’t actually lower premiums but had them rise much less fast than other states in the first years it came into effect (it was held up in the courts for a long time before it went into effect, which some groups cite as “it didn’t work,” without noting that the law simply didn’t come into effect for years). Later, California regulated insurance companies, which was the first time premiums actually went down (as opposed to just not rising as fast). But not everything has to be tackled at once.


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