Archives for August 6, 2003

Medical Effects of 109 F

Well, ambient 109. The DFW area is having a “high pressure dome”, which apparently is visiting from the sun.

Today I had the opportunity to see the effects of high ambient temperatures in our ED!

1. Old people fall down at an astonishing rate. Not a swooning, just simple trips and falls.

2. The younger generations seem unable to comprehend the controls of an automobile, specifically, steering and braking. People came in today having hit everything except water puddles (dream on) and cattle. Nothing else was safe, not guardrails, bridge abutments, and certainly not other motorists. It was too hot for pedestrians to be out, or they would have been run down in droves.

3. I think some of those I saw today just wanted in out of the heat, so ‘I have abdominal pain’ resulted in several fruitless workups.

Good news is this heat wave should only last another two or three days. I’m staying off the street, and I’m hoping not to fall down.